The Black Hole


Action  Drama  Sci-Fi  Thriller  


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Emile_Verwaaijen 9 / 10

Inconsistent waste of time

I am not going to waste too many words on this simply horrific movie.The only thing that matches the poor acting the inconsistency in the time line and story telling.The Arch which is supposedly torn down by the black hole... can be seen standing in the background near the ending.Additionally.. if they shut down the power... the city lights would've been out. While even at the very end all the lights are still on. Which makes me think... if you know the creature absorbs energy... turn it off straight away! The only thing going for this movie is the alien if self, which doesn't look too bad.Avoid at all costs if you can.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Black Holes, Bad Actors and a Monster! Oh my!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by disdressed12 9 / 10


Lets put aside the bad acting, that comes with the SciFi territory. Lets put aside the bad science with a black hole forming for no damned good reason. Lets put aside that Nelson's character is searching for the cause of the trouble by asking what the atmospheric conditions were AFTER the black hole showed up. Lets put aside the fact that he warns them not to drop a nuke on something that sucks energy and could cause it to move elsewhere and make it bigger, and in spite of that they keep constantly claiming that they need to nuke the thing. Lets put aside the sad attempt at a side story on the director who is sick and gets trapped inside the collapsing building. Lets put aside the lame attempt at a subplot of romance that they never take any time developing. And last but not least, lets put aside the notion of a monster that goes through a black hole just so it can run along power lines, is smart enough to take a trap and throw it at the soldiers trying to trap it, but is too stupid to avoid getting on the back of a generator truck heading back towards the black hole. Now that we have put all that aside I can tell you all about the movie in one sentence. It sucked hard. Wow, what a stinker. I wanted my money back and I didn't even pay to see it!

Reviewed by stumpmee77 9 / 10

Sucked, Sucked and SUCKED!

well,this movie was pretty bad.bad acting,bad story,mediocre special effects,and bad dialogue.the two main actors,Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson seemed to be phoning in their performances just for a pay check.the supporting cast wasn't great either.the story was silly,and very slow.and i'm no physicist,but i'm guessing a lot of the science was some movies,that doesn't matter to me.for example f the movie is exciting or has sympathetic characters,or a good storyline.this movie has none of those.i just could not get into this movie,and really just waited for it to end.the ending was abrupt and anti climatic,which isn't really surprising since the whole movie was anti climatic.for me,The Black Hole is a 3/10

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